If there is anything Jacky Clark Chisholm takes most seriously, it's her image. To her, it can sometimes be the difference between success and failure. It is also a major problem for some of the most talented aspiring recording artists (or other professional) today. In understanding that, Jacky has created a workshop to help those that plan to go far with their career.

Polished image tests and tunes many different areas of which you are perceived and judged on by those that you interact with in your profession. From the importance of your appearance to your behavior, attitude and reputation. From your knowledge of your field of work to how honest you are with yourself and how that can effect your rate of progression. And thats only the beginning of what polished image covers. By the end of your polished image seminar you will have a whole new look, appreciation and level of value and respect when it comes to your image. An adjustment that can ultimately change your lifestyle for the better.

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